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Right Shears on Amazon!

I'm thrilled to announce that Right Shears are available on Amazon! I created a video for the Right Shears listing on Amazon; please check it out here!  :)  Oh and please unmute, because the song makes it, I think.  Thanks!  

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Right Shears to appear on Steve Harvey's Funderdome on ABC this summer!!!

I'm so incredibly excited to announce that Right Shears has the honor of appearing on Steve Harvey's Funderdome this summer on ABC!  Please tune into the series premiere this Sunday at 9pm, and look for Right Shears this summer!  Here is a video showing Right Shears (and me) at about the 1:30 mark.  Woohoo!!!  -Shane  :) Update (August 4th): Right Shears will appear on Steve Harvey's Funderdome on Sunday August 27th, 2017 at 9pm on ABC. Please tune in and cheer on Right Shears! Update (August 27th): Right Shears wins!  Thank you to everyone who voted for Right Shears!  Check out the episode on while it's still up! NOTE: No endorsement of Right Shears by the producers of "Steve Harvey's...

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The Right Shears Kickstarter campaign was a success!

I'm very happy to report that the Right Shears Kickstarter campaign was a success and it enabled Nusharp to begin tooling for Right Shears! Here is the campaign intro video featuring "Wild Out" by Cymatix (   And here are some of the images created for the campaign:   And finally, here are some of the prototype iterations created during the development of Right Shears, including the (very) rough original I quickly cut out of cardboard.  Rapid prototyping was facilitated by the smart folks at

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