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Founded by Shane Robert Vermette in 2015, ReExcite LLC is dedicated to creating the innovative new scissors known as "Right Shears."  ReExcite is located in Fremont, California.

I am a software engineer with over 16 years industry experience, and, although I still love code, I've always had a passion for creating physical inventions since I was young. The day my father-in-law and I struggled to cut wire mesh with regular snips, I decided to form this company to continue my passion and to create a product that can benefit people every day in all walks of life!

Right Shears cutting wire mesh

We were cutting the wire mesh to cover a basement vent on his home in order to keep critters out, which is common for homes here in California. It was a two person job: my father-in-law held the wire mesh apart while I hacked at it with a regular pair of snips...and the wire mesh in return hacked away at our hands! I kept thinking that I had to get my hands out of the way of that wire mesh somehow, and when the solution occurred to me, I knew it was something I had to build! So I drew some sketches and cut out some cardboard and made the first (rough) prototype of what would become Right Shears!

Back to where it all began...

I started out creating Right Shears with the intention of building a tool that I wanted to use, in order to solve a problem that I was facing, and I ended up with a radical pair of scissors that is useful beyond my wildest dreams!  Not only do they solve my original problem, but also many other problems such as the tricky ergonomics of conventional scissors. I believe that Right Shears are useful for every single person, but I am unbelievably excited by the prospect of helping people who suffer from various conditions affecting hand, wrist, arm and shoulder movement!  Please order your pair of Right Shears today and join the scissor revolution!


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